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Protocol Financial Service, LLC is a full service past due account collection firm, providing effective solutions to government entities, the healthcare, utility, and retail industries.


Debt Collection Services

Protocol Financial Service offers a comprehensive and customized debt collection solution for our clients. We utilize sophisticated collection technology and analytics to develop the most effective collection strategy for each client. We understand that the needs and requirements across our client base vary greatly. Our management experience, processes, and technology allow us to develop a customized collection strategy to meet each client’s needs.


Extended Business Office Services

Protocol Financial Service offers a full line of Extended Business Office (EBO) programs to achieve higher revenue while maintaining your customer relationships. From turnkey solutions such as Day 1 Self Pay Account Management programs, to more narrowly focused programs such as skip tracing or return mail programs, our EBO programs are uniquely tailored to each client designed to compliment and support your current business office.



As a 100% woman-owned business in a HUB Zone, your agency can leverage Protocol Financial Service’s status for your own business needs.



Protocol Financial Service is happy to serve you no matter what industry you are in. We do specialize in the government, healthcare, utility and retail industries.


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"Doing it right the first time

eliminates the need for rework, whereby we spend our time looking forward rather than looking back."

-Tina Hanson, CEO