LeafTab Protocol Financial Service  

Protocol Financial Service, LLC is a full service past due account collection firm, providing effective solutions to government entities, the healthcare, utility, and retail industries. Our business success is a result of our strengths in customer service, quality assurance, and account recovery using a consultative approach to collections. 


We are driven to provide valuable and profitable account collection solutions for our clients. Our collection philosophy is to treat your customers with dignity and respect, maximizing recovery while maintaining your relationship with their customers.  


Protocol Financial Service is 100% woman-owned business located in a HUB Zone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone).


Our Executive Management Team possesses decades of experience in the collection industry, and are leaders to the industry in quality assurance and training innovation. Members of our team hold numerous prestigious positions with ACA International, offering their expertise to improve the image and results of companies in the collection industry.


We provide value to our clients utilizing the following resources and credentials:

  • State of the art collection technology
  • Commitment to innovative training and employee development
  • PPMS Quality Assurance Certified

"Doing it right the first time

eliminates the need for rework, whereby we spend our time looking forward rather than looking back."

-Tina Hanson, CEO